A.U.R.A. Fest 2018 in Savannah, GA.

SABRETOOTH - Independence Day (2016) [Video]

Hour of Defiance - Reform [New Song 2017]

DEATHWISH will be releasing first EP in October 1st, 2017

FOREVER YOUNG VIKTORIA - Howls Of Protest (EP Review)

UGLY - S/T Demo (September, 2017)

Vatican - "Ache of Eternity" (August, 2017)

Die Trying are back with their 3rd EP titled “Ducal Rod” on CBC RECORDS

No Second Thought - S​/​T (2017)

Hvy. - Invested (Single Prod by. BlackAce)

HappyFist - Never Give Up [Official Video]

prepare for the mindscan - Tribute to Underground Grindcore and Powerviolence (2017)


Back To Life / Defendant - Anger Unchecked (Split) + Accept Death EP

Scarfold - Divide​/​Decline (2017)

Sonntag Nachmittags Geballer w/Overpain Dih Wot Conquer

Merch All Day y Stay Positive Presentan: Great Friends Fest

Windover - Maze (EP 2017) [Review]

I Love Mosh: 10 Years Spitting Hate

Above Our Instinct- Bury The Hatchet ( Official Music Video) [Review]

With The Wolves - "Lotus" [Official Video]

Good Sailors - Días oscuros como tormentas (2017)